Beach Curtain Panel Girls in the Curl Turquoise

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Beach theme curtains

Bright Turquoise with colorful surfboards, and scattered around are hawaiian hibiscus flowers. Mix Girls in the Curl Turquoise with Girls in the Curl pink or Fushia for a fun look. 54 x 84L. The fabric is 100% cotton and is machine washable. click on photo to enlarge A splash of sunny color and a dollop of a breezy pattern make it much easier to rise and shine on even the darkest Winter mornings, Check out Our collection of Comforters. in our Surf, Beach, Tropical and Hawaiian Prints. After you have picked our your bedding we have Pillows in several shapes and sizes. One of our most Popular shapes are the Rectangular Pillows that you can either have soft and cuddly Minky dot with or 100% cotton Chenille, its your choice. We really like to mix and match, different sizes and different patterns, to add a little more interest, add a round bolster Pillow to liven things up. To Finish your Beach Look, we have Surfboard Rugs., in Navy blue, Light blue, Pink or red , or we have a really fun 6 Foot, longboard style rug. What ever you need to create your Beach Theme or Coastal Casual room you can find here.

Mix and Match Mix and Match your hawaiian, beach and surf fabrics,to make a bold statemant and bring your beach theme room to life. Girls in the curl pink with Girls in the Curl Turquoise.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review