Pillows, Beach, Tropical, Coastal & Hawaiian

Mix shapes, sizes and Patterns

              Add Summer Fun to any Room with our Pillows. Mix and (don’t) Match

Pillows can Change the look of any room, you don't have to redecorate, just change the pillows to add a splash of color or texture. Replacing pillows can refresh or update the sofa or even a room. Mix sizes, shapes, fabrics, and colors. You can celebrate the sun, sand and surf with our fun fabrics.  We reserve the right to vary the trim, if you have a special request we will do our best to accommodate it.

 We also make 20 x 20 pillows or 24 x 24 pillows. 

Creative Ideas for your Beach Cottage

FYI: Pillow covers only ... not sold with pillows because of the High cost of shipping