Table runner with Raffia Tropical Leaves Cranberry

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Tropical Table Runner with Raffia

Deep Rich Cranberry red, with Tropical leaves, and Vibrant Bird of Paradise Scattered Around. This is a very Tropical Bark Cloth Fabric. Our Faux Raffia is soft to the touch. 

Sold individually Tropical Chair Pads also fit on bar stools.  We have added Chair pads in our Tropical Fabrics. Decorating a Tiki Bar or just adding some Tropical Decor, our Chair pads are thick and comfy. Inspired by the cozy cottages and breezy bungalows dotting the coastline, these charming chair pads invite you to indulge in the romantic delight of a tropical getaway.  Each of our cushions is Made in California by skilled sewers, not mass produced by machine. 
Sizes of Table Runners
12x48 $ 40.00
12x60 $ 48.00
12x84 $55.00
12x90 $60.00
14x48 $ 44.00 
14x60 $ 52.00 
14x84 $60.00 
14x90 $68.00

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