Shop Hawaiian  Car  Seat Covers

Shop Hawaiian Car Seat Covers


 Standard Size  22 x 52  $ 40.00 set of 2
Fit small and Midsize cars, mini vans, up to 2004 pathfinder, older jeep wrangler. Some of the newer 2010, 2011, 2012 small cars have very wide and Thicker seats, you may want to purchase the XL size seat cover.
 X Large size   24 x 54  $ 50.00 set of 2
SUVS,  Explorer, Expedition, Jeep cherokee, Jeep Liberty, 2016 and new jeep wranglers,  Dodge Ram Truck, Honda Pilot,  Mitsubishi Eclipse, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry,  VW Bugs, older model volvos

Feel like you're on a Hawaiian vacation every time you get into your car.

MADE IN THE USA with Aloha ..please allow 1 - 2 weeks for production, our seat covers are hand made.

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