Shopping Cart, Grocery Cart and Hi Chair Covers

Shopping Cart Covers

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Have you ever thought about how many people use the shopping cart you are placing your child in, well the answer is hundreds! Carts are covered with hundreds of germs and other unpleasant stuff. Or what about the Hi Chairs at restaurants, our shopping cart cover will also fit the hi chair, it is has elastic all the way around so it will "scrunch " down to fit the hi chair, so your child will not come in contact with all the icky parts.

Our Shopping cart cover will cover all parts of the shopping cart your child comes in contact with and the handle that mom or dad touches is also covered. Our shopping cart cover will fit the largest carts, costco, sams, and Target, and will easily fit 2 children. It is completely padded, and has a security strap to fasten in your child and is easy to use and machine washable, low heat.

please allow 1-2 weeks for production

Our Shopping cart cover fits the double seater at warehouse stores. 

Plush Padding keeps baby comfortable * Toy loops on Front *Storage Pocket on Side

*I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for my son’s cart cover. It is FANTASTIC! The material quality and color is just what I was looking for and I LOVE it! Your service was wonderful and the turnaround time from when I ordered it was great. I am recommending you to everyone that asks me where I got it from.
Thanks again! Janna

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