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Clip on light Bulb adapter Brass


Clip on light bulb adapter fits any standard light bulb. brass finish.

  • Round wire adapter clips any  standard light bulb
  • Used to attach a spider construction lamp shade to bare light bulb without the need of a lamp harp
  • Convert lamps that use a harp.

This clip-on adapter will do the trick if your lamp doesn’t include a harp or another means of attaching a shade. It slips over any standard lightbulb and features a threaded post and finial for securing the shade. It has brass finish to match most brass fittings. Use for Make-A-Lamp kits and other DIY lamps.


  • Used to attach  lamp shade to a bare light bulb—no lamp harp needed
  • Clips onto any standard light bulb
  • Includes matching brass finial,  see in photo


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